Ramdhun by Praveen Chaddha & Family

This temple dedicated to Lord Sri Hanuman, has been open since March 2013. It is located in the San Francisco bay area region at Newark California. The temple is operated under the able guidance of Pandit Govind Srinivasan.


Pandit Govind Srinivasan has served in several Bay area temples for the past two decades. It has been his desire for several years to establish a temple to Lord Shri Hanuman. He has been working with the trustees of this temple for the past couple of years; first in building a community of Shri Hanuman devotees who in turn enthusiastically helped make this dream come true.

Visiting  the temple

Please follow all the posted rules and regulations while visiting the temple. This will enhance your experience at the temple. Please visit us as often as you can. If you would like to actively participate, you can register to be a volunteer. There is lots to do and we can surely use your help.


The temple is registered as a non-profit corporation. The board comprises of the following members

Pandit Govind Srinivasan (Founder)

Dr Pradeep Kumar

Mr Satya Narayan CPA

Mr Rajesh Oberoi

Mr Prakash Ananth

In addition, several volunteers help run the temple operations.


The temple accounts are audited on a monthly basis. Quarterly financial statements are regularly posted on the temple notice board.